“Shout About Love”

The new CD single “Shout About Love has just been released and sent out to radio in March 2020!  Call your local Gospel/Bluegrass station and ask them to play it! Radio DJ’s and Programmers will receive it on the February issue of the “Heritage compilation CD”

2020 has been a challenging year for many. W Befor the Covid -19 came we had a Tornado sweep through TN and literally right through my back yard. I was very fortunate to only have some trees down but many of my neighbors lost everything escaping only with their lives, which is the most precious of all! Only by God’s mercy could they have survived that kind of devastation .

I have so much to be thankful for! I still feel very much like I’m doing the work of a “Musicianary”. Writing songs, preaching and singing for the glory of my savior Christ Jesus! I have no desire to compromise or be vague about God’s love and redeeming plan for humanity. Most everyone has access to endless information on any given topic and I believe most want to find the truth. Jesus claimed to be the “truth”.Who says that?!!! If you have questions He has, and is the answer. I’m glad that He is my Savior and that I have peace with God. If you do not know him, just seek him out. Not in a mystical way but in the most practical way you can think of. Sometimes I tell people why don’t you just google what Jesus had to say about that. He is the “Truth”

It t seems that there are regular opportunities that come in for me to lead worship on Sunday mornings and the most recent is at a ministry called “Set Free”. It’s a world wide ministry that helps with recovery and housing for those struggling with  drug and alcohol addiction.  The Sunday service is unconventional and informal but God is worshiped and His word is preached. Service is at 11 am every Sunday with a meal that follows.

With Summer coming I feel a strong urgency to get the gospel message out on the streets and in our communities. I want to encourage you to come with me! If you know Christ you possess a great treasure that should be shared.  Fear not! He is with you!  Ask God to show you what you can do outside of the church building that will bring Him glory.  I find that reading the scripture always motivates and empowers me to act.  Just be who you are but be willing to do something foolish for Christ! Make yourself of no reputation just as Christ did. Be Set Free!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery  Galatians 5:1


I am available for concerts, leading worship and ministry bookings!